Teachers College Doctoral Council

3rd Annual Education Research Conference


Making Comics: Adolescents Choosing and Using Comics' Conventions Purposefully

In this poster presentation, I discussed the in progress analysis of a qualitative case study research project exploring how adolescents choose and use comic book conventions in their own multimodal comic book compositions. This analysis is nearing completion and findings were presented at the 2017 National Council for Teachers of English conference in St. Louis, MO and the 2017 Literacy Research Association Conference in Tampa, Florida. Visit the NCTE 2017 and LRA 2017 pages for additional information on this research.

Assessing Multimodal Compositions: A Review of the Literature

This roundtable presentation covered the early stages of a systematic literature review examining different assessment practices and tools used by teachers and scholars to evaluate students' multimodal compositions. Currently, this literature review is being drafted for publication. For additional information and inquires, please, contact me through the contact page on this website.

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