We are at LRA 2016

During the 2016 Literacy Research Association conference, I will join Drs. Frank Serafini & Lindsey Moses to discuss share a research project the examines how young readers use semiotic resources to make meaning of picturebooks.

The first part of symposium, We are in a Presentation!, will feature a typology of semiotic resources we have found young readers rely on when making sense of text. In addition to the typology, we also discuss the different ways in which students represented their meaning making. Currently, this portion of the symposium has been finalized into a empirical paper that is under review. Check back here for publications details in the future.

During the second portion of the symposium, Lindsey will discuss the difference we noted in the meaning making of native English language speakers and English language learners. Frank will then discuss the possibilities for assessing students' reading when we take into account semiotic resources other than language. Finally, our discussant, Dr. Jennifer Rowsell will share insights and reflections on all the presentations taken together.

We hope to see you there! #lra2016

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