Teaching World War II Literature with Graphic Novels & Comic Books at Phoenix Comicon

Well, the second day of Phoenix Comicon was a blast! And so was our presentation! This friday at 10:30am, myself, Dr. Frank Serafini, and four of my former students, Brittany, Lexxie, A-Aron, and Juan spoke with teachers and comic book enthusiasts about our experiences using graphic novels and comic books to teach World War II literature.

If you missed the presentation, no worries! I am working hard to make it available in a video version. Please, check back later to see it, or contact me and I will send you the slides and corresponding notes.

Thank you to my former students who were kind enough to join me in presenting their hard work. The unit wouldn't have been as successful if you all weren't willing to bear with your crazy teacher! The teachers who were in attendance were so impressed by you, and you sharing your experiences really gave the presentation life.

Thank you, also, to my advisor, Frank Serafini, for braving his first Comicon to talk about Visual Literacy and the importance of multimodal texts in today's classrooms. Hopefully, we'll get to do it again next year!

Finally, thanks to all the friends and family for coming out to support us all at our presentation. Especially, Kelly who dressed up for the occasion!

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