International Literacy Association Conference


In this presentation, I examine transmedial features—images, transitions, and sound—across different comic book variants including digital comics, motion books, web comics, and motion comics. I explore the roles that the affordances of different comic book formats have in the acts of reading and authorship. Finally, I addresses how classroom teachers can utilize different comic book variants and their subsequent affordances to achieve academic goals.

There's an App for That...

In this roundtable presentation, we discuss different tools that teachers can incorporate into their classroom writing practices. Specifically, we look at how weebly and pixton comics' creator can be used by students to design multimodal compositions. Designing multimodal compositions can help students develop literacy skills and media practices. Also, authoring these texts affords students increased opportunities for self-expression and academic success. Furthermore, researchers have found that composing such texts can be particularly helpful for exposing the complexed literacy skills of students who are part of traditionally marginalized groups.

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