Phoenix Comicon


K-12 educators are responsible for teaching far more than specific disciplines. Through them, students can also learn to value community engagement and to fight against bullying. Let's discuss ways to make your classroom Super!

Comic book and young adult literature scholars from Arizona State University's English and Education departments present and discuss a range of graphic novels, comics and YAL texts that can be used in English Language Arts classrooms to discuss difficult topics such as social issues, identity and politics. As these topics become more and more contentious in today's political climate, comics and graphic novels offer teachers an opportunity help students to witness the impact of various viewpoints, to look to the past to understand the present, and to see themselves in literature.

Computers and similar technologies are, increasingly, becoming necessary for success. Yet, many students do not have access to these at home and schools have limited resources to provide them in the classroom. In this panel, we'll discuss ways to overcome these challenges.

For better or for worse, many topics in education are controversial. How do we find ways to navigate these issues, constructively, without having to hide from the truth?

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