National Council for Teachers of English

Annual Conference


The purpose of this in progress research was to explore the design decisions of adolescent students who planned, designed, and drafted their own comic books. Specifically, I examined what design features students used, how and why they implemented design features, and how they talked about their design decisions. In this roundtable, I present initial findings in two categories: the design features that students identified explicitly as being deliberately used during the design process; and the purposes or goals students claimed they were trying to achieve through the deliberate use of design features.

Critical Consideration for Digital Literacies in Pre- and In-service Teacher Education

In this roundtable presentation, we discuss our experiences (both positive and negative) when using digital tools in our courses with pre-service teachers. We consider different approaches and considerations for what make teaching with digital tools effective both in achieving course goals and in preparing pre-service teacher to use digital literacies in their classrooms. For more information about this presentation, please contact me through the contact page.

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