Literacy Research Association Conference


The Changing Nature of Comics

In this presentation, I consider how comics have changed in recent years to include digital variants such as digital immigrant comics, motion books, motion comics, and webcomics. I examine how different platforms alter the reading experience and offer different semiotic resources for meaning making. I use examples from a range of children's comics to demonstrate some potential meanings based on these platforms. A video of this presentation is under production.

The purpose of this in progress research was to explore the design decisions of adolescent students who planned, designed, and drafted their own comic books. Specifically, I examined what design features students used, how and why they implemented design features, and how they talked about their design decisions. In this roundtable, I present initial findings in two categories: the design features that students identified explicitly as being deliberately used during the design process; and the purposes or goals students claimed they were trying to achieve through the deliberate use of design features.

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