In this presentation, I consider how film analysis can be used as an analytical framework for examining picturebook apps, augmented reality apps, and other multimodal texts. This presentation was part of a symposium presented at the Literacy Research Association Conference in 2015. The symposium, Analyzing Narrative Variants through Multidisciplinary Perspectives, was chaired by Dr. Frank Serafini, and Dr. James Paul Gee acted as the discussant.

Seeing Academically Marginalized Students’ Multimodal Authoring from a Position of Strength

In this presentation, we examine multimodal texts produced by academically marginalized secondary students in Singapore using an interpretivist qualitative approach to highlight opportunities for meaning making that expand what is traditionally available in lower-tracked and remedial language arts classes. Findings offer implications for considering opportunities to author beyond basic skills and remediation by illustrating what these students were able to accomplish, despite lack of regular opportunities to do so and a schooling history of low expectations. To learn more about this research, read our article in Written Communication.

From Picturebooks to Propaganda: Enhancing the High School English Curriculum through Visual Literacy

This roundtable presents initial findings from a qualitative, teacher-researcher case study. In this study, we considered how best to support students' visual literacy skills as they encountered a range of primarily visual texts in a newly adopted curriculum. A book chapter based on this research study is currently in revision with an expected publication date in late 2018.

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