At this point in my doctoral studies, my dissertation feels like a far off destination with a series of Herculean trials to complete before I get there. In a way this is true, Prior to starting my dissertation, I must complete and pass comprehensive exams, write and defend a dissertation proposal, and then, receive approval from school districts to conduct a research study within their schools.

While there are many steps I must still complete before I can begin data collection, the reality is that I my dissertation is less than a year away. What seems far away is actually just over the proverbial hill. With this in mind, I have begun recruiting potential teachers to participate in my dissertation research study.

At this point, the study is in no way fully formulated. This will occur during the writing of my dissertation proposal which, at this point, is scheduled take place from October to December of 2016. I predict to have approval from my committee, a panel of three research advisers, prior to the start of the Spring 2017 semester. As I write the proposal, additional information will appear here on my website for teachers interested in participating in the study.

This being said, the broad goal of my dissertation study will be to examine literacy practices that develop around comic books and graphic novels when these texts are used in secondary classrooms. I am interested in seeing how these practices develop and whether or not they differ across the content areas. Furthermore, I hope to explore how practices developed around comic books and graphic novels in one content area might inform literacy practices in other subjects.

My hope is to conduct an qualitative study using ethnographic methods. I aim to observe teachers and their students as they work with comic books and graphic novels, as well as interview teachers and students about the activities, interactions, and discussions that occur around these texts. Potentially, I might survey teachers and students about these practices, as well.

Teachers Wanted!


If you are a secondary teacher--either middle school or high school--in any subject area, and you are interested in participating in my dissertation research study, please, fill out the contact form below. While it is helpful if you have used comic books or graphic novels in your classroom before, you do not need to have any experience teaching with graphic novels prior to the beginning of the study.

Please, use the subject line Comics Teacher Wanted in the subject field below. Also, please, include the following information in the message field:​

  • Your Name

  • Grade(s) Taught

  • Content Area(s) Taught

  • School

  • School District

  • Brief Description of Your Experience with Comics in the Classroom

Success! Message received.

Note: Some districts do not allow researchers to conduct research in their schools. I will notify you if your district is one such district.

Once you have contacted me, I will send you a follow up email with any updated information that is not included on this website. If you are still interested in participating, we will schedule a meeting to discuss the project in more detail, to allow you to ask any questions you might have, and to address concerns you may have about the project.

Thank you so much for your interest in participating in my dissertation research study. I look foward to hearing from you and working with you in the future.


Dani Kachorsky

Dani Kachorsky